Sleeping Pills

Ah! The life that is full of troubles
Troubles that many won't share
To share a trouble is a 'trouble' for them
Disdainful are such issues for them
and goes there discussion in vain.
But what if the same ruckus hunts us
In sleep that we enjoy.
For all that menace be seen at sleep
be a horrible nightmare...
To sleep deep, plunging in Delta waves
Leaving shores of melancholic gains..
Depression, anxiety may wear all down
But still a companion that we can rely.
'Sleeping pills' we can trust right on
There is no shame in having a blissful night.

by Mr. M Jamal

Comments (7)

A nice work, I think. I like it very mudh!
The poem describes an irony of age. Life has become so much strenuous mentally and physically that we need sleeping pills for a sleep. A great poem.....................10
Beautiful poem. All the benefits of sleeping pills are presented very well. I agree with the point that sharing will often leads into trouble, as the saying...too many cooks spoil the dish. With whom we share is most important else things will move in a more complicated way. Sleeping pill is the best option, to have a peaceful sleep. I loved its presentation. Thank you.
let's try sharing only our good moments, and indeed no regret
Original and very interesting. Well written. Speaks clearly to the reader. Enjoyed.
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