LC (Friday 16th October 1987 / Alexander Hospital, Redditch.)

Sleeping Together

Today I woke up and for the first time my thoughts were not of you,
I got up and bit my lip until I could taste the salt of my own blood.
Maybe, just maybe I will wake up from life also
To find myself being reborn
The life that I knew just a vision
Of what not to do.

Today I woke up to a brand new day
Thunder and lightning fighting in the sky above
As the clouds bump heads.
Rain crashes down
Brutally washing the world of its impurities
Cleaning everything and making it new,
So that tomorrow will be a Clean new day
Afresh start full of hopefuls and possibilities
Aching to be broken as sin comes forth.

Today I woke up and although You are now on my mind
So is another.
Another who was forgotten when I was returned to you.
That’s improvement.
At least I won’t feel guilt when I leave now.
When I travel far away.
Gone for long periods at a time.
I can't guarantee that I'll write or even that I'll be thinking of you.
But when I return I know that the fact that I've missed you will hit me like
A wave of sorrow
Reminding me that although I think I'm changing and improving
I'm not.
I'm just going round in circles.

Tomorrow I'll wake up and go back to sleep
Tomorrow hopefully I won’t wake up
Tomorrow I want to carry on sleeping
Tomorrow I want you to carry on sleeping
Together we'll be dreaming
Together we'll be happy
Together we'll be in love
Together we'll be dead.

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Dark, a little disturbing, and all-around excellent! Great work!