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Lidless wonders at the ceiling
Stargazing off into space
Awake yet numb from lack of slumber
Legs wanting to run a race

How long can this human body
campaign to stay awake?
When my mind is but a muddle
and it is sleep I wish to partake

Yet each night the same scenario
Keeps playing it's refrain
As I lie there restless....sleepless
and all my worries are to blame

9 Jan 2008

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JoAnn, there you are you can't sleep and there is me falling the sleep all the time. As I told you before counting sheep doesn't count little Dodgy Dave's running across your computer screen. If it doesn't make you sleep[ it will certainly bore you to sleep. Neat poem though. Hope you didn't type it with your nose like I do. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David
Sis, you dont have to worry..if you can pray! .i am always here for you..remember, we are a family here..take care Love, Meggie