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DG (November 21,1985 - July 29,2037 / Escanaba)


(for No One)

I lie sleepless
under night's freckled sky.
grey clouds scream
across the vivid moon,
as thoughts melt my mind.
and those thoughts never cease.
they just spew into
eternity's boundless ocean.
the undertow tugs me
beneath the massive waves.
I sink deep into the frigid abyss,
and breathe in murky water.
I don't care to live anymore.
I lie listless
under eternity's boundless ocean,
longing for death's kiss...

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I know you asked for my opinion but i cant think of anything to say. It's good and i like the 'grey clouds scream across the vivid moon' part, but other than that nothing shouts out at me... it's a bit too 'teenage depression' but don't just take my word for it, my poems aren't any better.