In the night, in the dark
In the undiscovered depths
When the winds
are howling through the sky…
I can hear the screaming sounds
Held within my aching head
As the shutters clang and clatter…
wakening the dead

Echoes of my thoughts
Imprints of my mind
The chaos seems a portrait
of another time…
When all was ebon sense
Viscous, thick as glue
And clarity had flown
through another flue…

Reality seems false
Sanity, a dream
Whooshing raucously,
through my witless brain…
Serenity, a prayer
Has vanished from the air
Ruthless waves pulsate,

Endless competition
Hounding in pursuit
Searching for the value,
of what, I wish I knew…
Circuitous, oblique
Abandoned, I’ve lost me
My soul meandering,
submerged beneath the sea…

devoid of peace

by Betty Jo Hilger

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