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Sleepless Downtown Life
JP ( / Canada)

Sleepless Downtown Life

Poem By Jona PoloRamirez

Awake again, late at night listening to the sounds,
A city of urban hustles, parallels of foxes' hounds,
Crickets replace by transports' whooshing by
On a highway, busy like an ant preparing for a stormy day,
The yell of man irritating to the peaceful sleeping mind,
Reminds the brain that's working overtime, awake from
A dream, a nightmare of city life, the constant sirens
Trouble is lurking in, a wary passerby on the way home,
To where he knows not - nor clear in the mind. The deafening
Silence an eerie feeling in the brain, sleep finally comes,
But erratic as sounds constantly drifts by, the clock tick -
tacks, and suddenly a sound - time to be up and coming
Ready to face the busy dawn, sleep-awake on the way out,
Be wary, mind, you'll stumble into a sleeping clown,
Though a coin ran out your pocket - first good deed of dawn
Brightened by the clouds with beaming orange pride,
Precursor of a dawn's new day - a contrast
of the forenight's sleepless bittersweet reverie.

From my nightdesk - Nov.13,2007

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