Sleepless In The States

I would just like to know
What the hec has happened
Going from a light sleeper where every creak made her wake
To one who snoozes through a train wreck beside the bedroom window
And now tosses and turns
Drifts to sleep then awakens and can not fall
Back into the dream and rest she needs
This thing called age can be a blow
Changing the body from east to west
Then north to south
I feel like a compass near a magnet
Spinning round and round
Mama warned me about marriage and children
But she seemed to leave this detail out
So awake I be with a cup of tea
Chamomile to seal the deal
But sleepy time is not near, I fear
So laundry here I come
And a clean home
Soon shall follow
And senseless words will be typed
As I sip away on my tea
And read the box that’s full of hype

by Patricia Gale

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