KCB (Febuary/27/1993 / A'burg)

Sleepless Nights

so i lay here alone in my bed,
and i am thinking of you,
i miss how you wrap your arms around me and make me feel safe,
i miss how you tuck my hair behind my ear,
feeling a warm embrace,
and follow that with a kiss on my forehead,
and 'I love you.'would hav been the last thing you would've said,
before i'd crash into a safe warm sleep holding you in my arms,
knowing that i am in no harm,
tonight you may not be in my arms,
but i know you are thinking the same thing,
so i finally close my eyes,
and i'll try to get some sleep tonight,
but i probably won't,
for god knows i cannot live without you,
i cannot breath without you by my side,
you are my favourite amusement ride,
so i'll send you x's and o's,
i love you,
more than you'll ever know

=) for Brandon

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I totally felt this poem line for line. I give you a 10.