Sleepy Days

Poem By Sam D xxooxxoo

Today we will be...
Do you cant remember what we did?
All I remember is that the teacher said
We would be doing something today

Falling asleep
Pretending to be awake
But im really not

Got the lesson from a friend
Do the homework
Try my best
And get a good mark

The teachers wonder
How I get good marks
Even thought im asleep
IN every single class

They come up to me
Ask if im ok
And if they bore me
I simply reply “I’m always tired”

They ponder
They try to figure me out
Thinking that im lying
When im really telling the truth

I worked hard at practice
Had to teach
Got home and had a shower
Finished my homework and got on the computer

Call me a fool
But with only twenty four hours in the day
Its not enough time for anything
And I cant do everything I want

Sometimes its a good thing
But its not recommended
Even though I do it
Every single day

Ta ta for now
Sweet day dreams!

Comments about Sleepy Days

very good poem but doesnt really rhyme at the end
Reminds me of my school days. Thanks.

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