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Slice And Dice
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Slice And Dice

Poem By Jane Wright

One reads a poem and thinks, ' well that's ok'.
One studies it, then admires it in awe.
Why the need to dicect a poem?
I doubt thats a poems purpose at all.

'Do we see Heaney's metaphor?
Or look at Wordsworth's imagery.
Personfication. Onamotopoeia.
Rhyming couplets of AB, AB

Over the war poetry, the people rave,
Whilst Sassoon and Owens roll in their graves.
Their pain doesn't lie on their battlefield torture,
But on the over annalyzation and english literature.

Why do we slice and dice masterpieces to appreciate?
Because frankly I find that somewhat rude.
T.S Elliot once said 'Genuine poetry can comunicate
Befor it is understood! '

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