Sliced By Knife @!

proudly sitting
fear dosen't show
for fate that will follow
it dosent know.

by .Pd. is here Click to read full poem

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i totally agree with jasjiv............ a clever one nice work my vote 10 peace jibin
i loved the start, but then it changed in the end. a killer's mind would work the same way i thought. cleverly averted.
AHHH...what a cleveruty of verse, young lady...You play the game so well....tease & please....nice work Preets! ''''''''''''''FJR
I love this. It's perfectly everyday, turned into something special!
the ending was good then i looked down and it got even better. enjoyed this
Once Eve had given the entire apple to Adam and see what had happened..... LOLz..... You are truly amazing and have a beautiful frame of mind. The simple things that you write on makes you a very special poet..... I had once said this earlier...You write like an angel!
i forgot about the name on the ebook...LOL