Slick Crooks And Pampered Thieves

You are not the lone ranger.
Being bamboozled and hoodwinked,
Has become as passé...
As long as concepts of dishonesty,
Has been effectively in place.
It is an honor to be discovered,
As one who deceives.
Those folks end up to write books.
Bestsellers turned into blockbuster movies.

Con artists now teach others,
How to wholesomely steal.
And how to perfect an innocent look...
To gain an empathy that is felt.
And maintain a life for them that's real.

So do not believe,
These people are without integrity.
It is just not the kind,
You wish to see publicly observed.
Those standards you keep,
Are more delusional today.
Folks have been trained to be slick crooks,
And pampered thieves.
And in this society...
There is no other way!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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innocent look isn'tsomething one can pretend...we humans lose it when we do something bad - the truth is always well exposed in one's eyes...