Slick Sickening Shtick

Don't talk to me about your concepts of God.
Or part time faith,
You rarely use.
How can you say what it is you believe in...
When you have many issues,
Packed on your back with baggage too!

Don't praise His name and raise your concerns.
What from your prayers have you really learned?
And it's not luck that comes to those who are blessed.
God is working in their lives.
While you...
With your weak beliefs,
Think God only listens
When you recite from biblical text!

Don't talk to me about your concepts of God.
Or quote from scriptures memorized to spew!
The depths of your understanding,
Is not deep at all!
If that is quite obvious to me...
What do you think God does,
When He hears from you?
With your shallow insights,
Brewed and simming in materialistic calls!
Moaning about something you can't undo!

As if God delivers from a shopping mall!
There to accept returns of purchases,
You don't like!
And 'may' have worn!
To some social function,
Adorned the night before right up until dawn!

You can 'try' to manipulate me!
But everything done,
God knows what it is we do!
And foolish you are...
To think of God as a tool,
To use and abuse!
These lessons are learned.
Apparently not by you!

One day you will open your eyes and see...
Nothing God has made was done accidently.
Do you know the meaning of blasphemy?
I suggest you absorb the meaning quick.
Since God is getting tired of your nonsense!
And all of your slick sickening shtick!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

i like it, ur piss off at his shallow faith his god is a god who should do things for him, so i guess its safe to assume that ull be more piss off too at deriding disrespectful aetheist or secularist, who cant help sticking theie nose in and letting loose some wise cracks about u being backward, if you are, i like u more, nice writings here, t.y.
Great, Lawrence. Loved it. You do, as you know, have a knack of mixing in so much reality into your poems. Few know how to. Best to you, as always, H