(I'm not sure when I lived / Indiana)

Slightly Unremarkable

Went out tonight
nothing fancy
Just a couple of beers

burn one on the way
check out the bands
check out the asses

from poquito to grande
smile, small talk, smile
tapping toes to the section

hot ladies in every direction
four bands, lots of tunes
its nice to be stoned

rather than drunk
eyes half open yet still alert
hot brunette rubbing her tush

on me, BOING, wakes up Mr. Happy
Its ok, shes making out with
the woman sitting next to me,

as I smile wistfully
and imagine the wonderful
rotation we could have

(Us three)
Last Call, the bartender says
crowd is thin

at 3 am
In the good days
a beautiful drunk lovelie

would be piling into
my truck with me,
damn the temperence!

So I stroll down the street
maybe alone, but still smiling.

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