LH (5.18.89 / Riverdale, Ga)


I slip into the darkness that is my home
My mind and soul wander, whither I roam?
Does my heart sink into oblivion as I look?
Upon the face of my destiny, the reflection in a babbling brook...
Does the likfe I lead have and end in sight?
Or is it time for me to spread my wings and take flight?
I feel my spirit lift into the air, as my cold body lay still
AS I look back dispiritedly at my pale, yet calm face
My spirit is pulled away by a passing breeze
The wind whips at my now transparent body
I see the world elow and ask why?
Why am leaving it behind?
Is it something I lack, or something to find?
Am I abandoning my life, all because of strife?
YES! I shout, feeling like a coward now, running from pain.
My pain is a gift, to let me know I am alive,
And with this I dive
I see myself lying stilll like never before
I look upon my tranquil face and smile as I touch it
When I feel the warmth enter my body and my eyes burst open
I get up and look around
Setting my feet upon the groun
I sigh and look at the sky
Though I am in the dark, there is still a light
Though I slowly slip into the abyss
I will face it squarely, without fear
For that is power...my dear


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another amazing poem