DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)


I slipped inside,
Found a better place to play
Peace less mind, I
Didn’t see the price I’d pay

I say I can never leave, cant
Go back to what I’d be
After all the things I’d seen
There’s a better place to play

Behind my eyes there’s a fire place,
From here I can see, so
Take that look from of your face
And come step inside of me

It’s not too late as you didn’t walk on by
Took my words exactly as I said,
Looking into my burning eyes,
Don’t look back, enter my head

And you will find,

Among the twisted grime
Something pleasant, a pleasing rhyme,
Our souls slide and combine,
In this palatial paradise of mind

Our palatial paradise of mind

by Daniel Richards

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Or.... A diamond in the rough. Absolutely beautiful, Daniel.