Slip Of The Tongue

Dear children! do you know
What is slip of tongue?
It is careless in talking
Or in talking you do wrong.

Slip of the feet may take
To fall harshly on ground,
But slip of the tongue may take
You to strife or stigma in bound.

Be cautious in using tongue
In speaking or receiving speech,
Don't blurt to anybody
Slob, poor or rich to each.

Don't speek stridently
Speak in sweet and pleasant tone,
It can melt the heart of person
Though it is stronger than stone.

Be careful in tumultuous place
Don't toil or tumble,
Behave people nicely and gently
With sweet words and humble.

Slip of tongue is very dangerous
It may take to jail,
Don't have blue funk ever
Meditate God without fail.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

Comments (4)

Loose tongue leads to the slip. Keep the tongue tight. Be thoughtful in what you say. A word uttered is in the air and cannot be withdrawn. Beautiful message delivered through the poem.
A nice presentation from simple to intricate, from known to unknown and from concrete to abstract. Thank you very much,
I am far from being the only one who has made a slip of the tongue, said the wrong thing, embarrassed myself seriously, as I am sensitive to these things. To think before you say something to someone you do not know well, or they may not respond or give a flippant reply. A very wise didactic poem we can all learn from.
A good advice to all Thanks for the poem