Slipped Away.

He lay in his bedroom, alone, dark, silent.

She walked in, closing the door behind her.

Without a word, the boy sat up, let her lay next to him, and then lay with his head on her chest.

Hours went by, still without a word, tears now rolling down his face, hidden by the darkness as he lay listening to her heartbeat fade away ever so slowly.

Her body began to tremble, as she became weaker, but still an imaginary vow of silence was about.

She kissed him on the forehead, for what would be his last words to her; “Wait for me.”

A simple nod was all she could achieve, as inside she began to disappear.

He closed his eyes, with his head resting on hers, as she grasped his hand with what little strength she still had.

When he opened his eyes again, oblivious to how long it had been (it had felt like days) she had gone.

The tears became more frequent, but still soundless.

He knew she was waiting, so he wasn’t afraid.

by Benjamin Sorvel

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