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Slipping Away
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Slipping Away

Poem By Paige Unknown

Fire rages,
battling thoughts,
burning inside,
barely repressed.
Need of release.
Need of a break.
Need of love.
Need to escape.

Two paths open,
which one to take,
the impossible road,
or the road that's fake?
I embark the journey,
the one that's right,
the road of repression,
the never ending fight.

Another door opens,
the one which most fear,
the one which many run from,
but yet it still draws near.
This path would be easy,
the one I'd take.
But I'm drawn back,
holding on for three things.

I stay for my love,
of my family and friends,
I’d do anything for them,
including living in pain.
The other thing,
my only other reason,
Is that in God’s eyes,
suicide is a treason.

Yet I'm still slipping away,
lost in my attempt to fight.
It's an impossible road,
but yet I still try.
I'm losing my hold.
I need someone's help.
I'm slipping away,
forever, soon enough.

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