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Slipping Away Part Two: Goodbye
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Slipping Away Part Two: Goodbye

Poem By Paige Unknown

I'm still slipping away,
I'm still losing my hold,
I've had enough.
So I’ll just let go.

But before I do,
I just wanted to say,
I've loved you all along,
until this very day.

You said you loved me,
and I held it dear.
It's what kept me going,
but now my end is here.
So I just wanted to say,
I'm sorry, Goodbye,
I'll miss you.
But I just can't live this lie.

I can't fake another smile,
or give another hug.
It's just not real to me,
I just can't do it again.

Forgive me, my friend,
I'll love you, till the end,

But don't shed a tear,
for I'll always be near,
For anybody who truly loves me.

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