Slipping Under The Radar

What he has managed to achieve and accomplish,
To us has made no sense.

'Why doesn't it? '

From what we have heard about him,
And from reliable sources too...
All he has ever done was waste valuable time.
As well as his gifts and talents he has not used.

It is obvious to me,
He knew more about himself...
Than the others believed.'

But how could he manage to achieve and accomplish,
With a slipping under the radar to go undetected...
As he has successfully done?
With a collecting of his own set of fools.

'Perhaps he was not concentrating on the rumors.
And feeding them to everyone to entrap for fun.
Knowing that the doing of this...
Would one day have him shining in the Sun.'

He has not played fair,
In the eyes of those who chose to belittle him.
Proclaiming he was delusional.
Amounting to nothing with a going nowhere.

'He did not play fair?
I think he played it just right.
Whose mouths have been silenced?
And whose lips have been closed tight? '

What should 'we' do about the rumors?

Don't get 'me' involved in this.
He didn't make me look like a fool.
I verify 'all' of the gossip I hear.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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