Poem Hunter
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)


If you're a fellow sufferer,
you'll know exactly what I mean.
Is it worse for those who live by the word,
or those who hope to avoid it?

It's that pile of papers, CDs, books, leaflets,
sitting beside the PC, vital at the time
when time was of the essence;
soon covered like a game of impatient patience
with another vital document...
file everything after use? Who's that anal?

It's that pile of mail on the kitchen table
with a touch of marmalade between some items, that
you opened during many breakfasts (it's a cereal story, this)
and hope will answer itself.

Above all, it's the pile of mail-order catalogues
that come in cellophane wrappers
which you haven't taken off of course,
knowing that you will, one day, be grateful
(as so you thought about the previous editions of same,
further down the pile...)

And the pile of folders, which obey that law of nature -
that spines of folders are thicker than
the other edge - they're the first to

slither. And you should know by now -
there are demons in them thar piles:
if there's a page or two
which you need right now as you fly out the door: abracadabra! -
five minutes ago when your right hand and eye put it right there
(who's taken it, c'mon, quick...?)
in two seconds flat, your left hand and eye
slipped something else on top of it..
left brain, right brain co-ordination? ha!
RH reason put it there; LH emotion said, hate work, hide it....

and then, one day -
slither! And
you hate yourself, look around for someone else to blame,
blood-pressure goes up - again -
your day's ruined and it's still breakfast time...

Slither. Moses didn't have that problem.
It's yet another giant step
sideways - damn - in the evolution of the human mind.
Maybe marmalade is the answer, after all.
You've suffered, too?

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Comments (2)

A step sideways. I like that. It's not such a problem right now because I have no room to leave paper out. But I'm notorious (to myself) for filing things into a SAVE pile, a THROW AWAY pile, and a DECIDE LATER pile. Unfortunately, I would wind up putting everything in the DECIDE LATER pile! Good thing I don't like marmalade!
This is outrageously good. I also find some Milton Erickson in there, he thought with a method that was a mixture of madness and obsessively fascinated observation. I enjoyed this very much. H