Slow-Acting Love

Blight me with your smile.
Hypnotize me with your whispers.
Paralyze me with your caresses.
Carry me off as your hostage.

Poison me with your love.
Impale me on your Viking's pike.
Inject me with your venom.
Leave me helpless in your bed.

Then revive me with lies.
Scatter reassurances of your love
Like bread crumbs leading back to the woods
From which you claimed you'd saved me.

Lock the doors.
Bar the windows.
Leave me some simple provisions.
Convince me that it is to keep me safe.

Then disappear.
Set off in search of new quarry.
Play your deadly game.
Find a pretty victim.

But as the day slides into night
You may find your potency stolen.
For as the sun sets my potion takes effect.
The moon is the only thing that will rise tonight.

by Suzanne Hayasaki

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