JG (5th July 1988 / Manchester, England)

“slow Down, Sir”

When’s my time up?
I do not know.
But I refuse to move
With the worlds fast flow.

No one has time
To stand and admire,
The beauty in people
That passes us each hour.

No one has time,
They just rush on by,
Not knowing their running
Towards the day they die

When’s my time up?
I do not know.
But I laugh at people passing,
‘Cos I’m taking it slow.

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Comments (2)

are u really taking things slowly or just trying to show how the world is advancing. cause it can work for and against you through this poem.
great one, i really like the originality in this writing, how everyones moving, passing their life hurrying to get things over with, but you on the other hand is taking things slow because your in no rush to death.