Slow Down

Our world is moving
ever faster and faster
And were all heading
for a big Disaster

We should all give some slack
Relax, slow down and Unwind
Or we are in trouble
All of Mankind

Our earth is our Friend
Our sister our Brother
And our world is One
There is no Other

by David Darbyshire

Comments (4)

It's the greatest poem ever!
Why do you suppose that advice will not be taken? We have all heard, many times, 'Slow down and smell the roses/drink the coffee'. Actually, if you drink the coffee, you will not likely slow down, so I never have understood that. Point being, we never do slow down. Even poets are a pretty mad lot. I think it stems from a feeling of unworthiness - that rushing about is our way to earn our lives, leave a mark, pile good (or othrwise) deeds up in a heap. Do nothing? Nothing doing! And yet... our happiest moments, we're usually just sitting there.
Wonderful advice Dave. Slow down and enjoy Patricia
I think that Ernestine would agree with here David, A great piece of advice, I hope that many get to read this and take heed.Love Duncan