SH ( / Midvale, Utah)

Slow Love

As the summer storm moves slowly across the valley,
intense winds push forward, clearing the way.
Calmness brings on warm cleansing rains,
lasting until portly clouds are exhausted.

My love is a storm, proceeding gently
igniting love that had once been whisked away.
Our hearts, moved by air currents, smoothing over
feelings that once held love in solitary bondage.

No lightening, no thunder. This love is unhurried,
yet, it moves forward. Time must be recalled
to realize the momentum of the adoration being
softly restored, in each heart, each mind.

Did heavenly forces bring us together? You're perfect
as if purposely chosen. You bring warmth that glows
on the winter side of my heart, melting past of offenses
from those who willfully intruded.

Your touch lights the torch of trust, like
the summer sun, secure and warm. As with storms,
renewal is acquired. Love parts the clouds,
emptying courage to douse the hurt below.

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