Why Is It....

Why is it that when someone makes a promise they don't keep it? Why is it that every time I turn a corner disappoinetment and hate are sitting there waiting for me? It seems that every day just gets darker every second. My world is falling apart. My anger is building up. My eyes are starting to water again. My Love for you is withering away. My hate for everyone is gaining more power. My soul is dying. My inner demon is awakening again, unlocking the chamber I locked it in. It's crawling up eating me alive. Taking me down to the place I have been trying so hard to avoid. The place I locked up many years ago. He's unlocking it, calling my name, beckoning my to join him. I try to resist but there is nothing here for me to hold onto. I have fallen in. Into his trap. He's taking control. He's alive and ready to to get revenge. To make everyone fell the pain that I have felt. I try to fight him and I wish I could say I won. But I haven't. I have lost this battle. He has won once and for all, and he want to say 'Hello everyone, ready to feel the pain you have put me threw? Watch out because I'm coming to get you.'

by Samantha Schaub

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