EO (April 14th 1994 / Princeton Minnesota)

Slowing Down

the quicker the day goes by the quicker the night comes
people busy never stopping through the day
people slowing down once the night comes
some sleep while others are up
some are busy while the others are sleeping
always busy never slowing down
always busy never ending rushes
people always going not caring what happens
just slow down, breathe, slow down and easy
will make you feel more relaxed
you'll feel better if you're not always on the go
you can never tell waht goes around and you
what is happening if you're always on the go
take it easy you'll feel better
realizing how wonderful life is once everything is slowed
you don't ned to be so slow you don't get anything done
just slow down
see how amazing life is once you slow down
once you're gone you'll never be able to be here,
see how much you missed when you were always on the go
slow down and take it easy
enjoy life while you're still here

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