Slowly: a plainsong from an older woman to a younger woman

am I not olden olden olden
it is unwanted.

wanting, wanting
am I not broken
stolen common

am I not crinkled cranky poison
am I not glinty-eyed and frozen

am I not aged
shaky glazing
am I not hazy
guarded craven

am I not only
stingy little
am I not simple
brittle spitting

was I not over
over ridden?

it is a long story
will you be proud to be my version?

it is unwritten.

writing, writing
am I not ancient
raging patient

am I not able
charming stable
was I not building
forming braving

was I not ruling
guiding naming
was I not brazen
crazy chosen

even the stones would do my bidding?

it is a long story
am I not proud to be your version?

it is unspoken.

speaking, speaking
am I not elder

are you not wine before you find me
in your own beaker?

by Judy Grahn

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Beautifully envisioned meaningful and thought provoking poem, especially the lines, it is a long story, am i not proud to be your version? . Thanks for sharing.