Slowly Falling

Poem By Katherine Wilson

I'm infected with this feeling
It boils in my blood
Empty apologies are sick of me
Stop with these petty lies

This sickening taste in my mouth
Cannot be washed away
The light I can see is slowly dimming
My sanity drifts away

My back is breaking from this burden
I bring it whevere I go
I fall to my knees and howl in pain
Disgraced by those around me

I wallow in my sadness
It consumes my entire body
Maybe, someday, possibly, hopefully
Someone will come to save me.

Comments about Slowly Falling

Strong poem of a descent. Reminds me of some of those Old Testament prophets. Hope the tone is just poetic and not the way you're really feeling. If so, I imagine we've all had times we've felt this angst.

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