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Slowly Now

I'm picking up the pieces
Slowly put surely
I'm just a girl whose lost in this giant, immaculate world
But I'm finding myself
I'm replacing these long forgotten memories and time spent
In hollow recluse, feeling sorry for myself
With love for friends and love for the person I will become
Today is a new day
A new era, a new life
I'll stop wallowing within my nightmares
And finally step out into the life
I'll drive away all the pain
With steaks of blood and rapture
I'll deny my burns, deny my scars
With poems of the future and after
And when I finish my transformation
Into the butterfly I never could be
I'll sit and stare into the sunset
Friends by my side
Thinking of you as I close my eyes
Waiting for the stars to come at last
So I'll breath my last breath of you
And wish for your safe keeping
So I can stop thinking of you
And think about the one-the ones-that truly matter
You...helped me so much
But hurt me so much worse
You made me lose myself
Within myself
But, I suppose, this is my own error
For forcing myself to fall back in love
When the one I loved had dissepeared
And as you read this, as I know you won't
You'll sit and contimplate in your chair
'Maybe...I shouldn't have even looked back
Maybe...I should have shut my mouth
Maybe...I shouldn't have lied and said I loved her
Maybe...I should have tried harder.
Maybe...I shouldn't have tried so hard.'

So maybe, I'll be the one to apologize
Next time.

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