Slowly Slipping Away

I am slowly loosing it
I am slowly losing conscious

Slipping out of your embrace
Slowly I close my eyes

I am losing control
Control over my mind

Everything is quiet
The only thing I see is darkness

I hear voices around me
But I can’t answer

No words come out
I am paralysed

I am slowly slipping away
I am loosing the battle

White light is what I see
Calling my name
Pulling me towards it

Life is slowly slipping away from me
I can’t leave now

I have to fight
I have to show that they were wrong and I was right

I am a fighter
I can’t give up hope now

The white light
So tempting

I am pulled away from the white light

I feel someone shaking me
I open my eyes

I am back
Back into world

Saved from....
I can’t say the word
I won’t say it

by Serenity Fay

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