Poem Hunter
CJ (3-27-1958 / Oakland, California)


Half asleep I feel you slide closer to me.
Your arms reaching around me,
Pulling me tight and close.

I can feel your naked skin
Warm and soft against mine,
Your lips as they gently kiss my shoulder.
You’re aroused...
I can feel your firmness pressed against my ass.

I lay half dreaming, half awake,
My loins stir... wanting you.
Wanting you to take me in my blissful near-slumber,
That place between dream and reality,
That place of serenity and contentment.

I press against you, writhe against you,
Wordlessly begging you to come inside me,
I can feel the dampness growing between my legs
The heat of desire building in my own arousal.

I moan gently as I feel your hand sliding down my body,
Finding its way to that warm, wet,
Divine place between my thighs.
I smile sleepily as I feel the silky firmness
Of your manhood as it slides between my legs.

The anticipation builds like a fire in my body,
The room becoming suddenly warm,
My cheeks flush and hot,
My skin begins to tingle everywhere you touch.

I can feel the pressure of your manhood
As it presses against,
And finally pushes its way into me.
You become one with me as you enter my dream space.

I moan in ecstasy as you press deeper,
And deeper into the holiest of temples.
Until you take me to that place of worship
That place of prayer, calling out to God.

I am in total oblivious, bliss as you finally explode into me,
Spilling your sacrifice on my altar.
Holding me even tighter,
I can feel the shudder as it moves through your body.

You kiss my shoulder, and your body relaxes,
With you still inside me,
I smile sleepily and return to that peaceful, place of slumber,
That magical place of dreams.


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Rudyard Kipling


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