Small Frogs Killed On The Highway

I would leap too
Into the light,
If I had the chance.
It is everything, the wet green stalk of the field
On the other side of the road.
They crouch there, too, faltering in terror
And take strange wing. Many
Of the dead never moved, but many
Of the dead are alive forever in the split second
Auto headlights more sudden
Than their drivers know.
The drivers burrow backward into dank pools
Where nothing begets

Across the road, tadpoles are dancing
On the quarter thumbnail
Of the moon. They can't see,
Not yet.

by James Arlington Wright

Comments (4)

Nice use of words and imagery. The poet succeeded in bringing to life what many considered ordinary. The hallmark of a good poet
This is really cool.... I need to read more of James' pieces... On the quarter thumbnail of the moon... What a wonderful description of this pond holding tadpoles who can not see - can not chase the light yet... This is really cool...
They can't see! However, the ways of life are not always smooth. Nice piece.
So sad how these fated small frogs met their death. When time arrives death overtake life in matter of seconds. Nice poem.