Small Gifts: Contributing To Other's Happiness! .... [**; Nov. Challenge Poem Entry; Good Deeds; Kindness; Medium]

You've caught me in a bitchy mood;
I'll try, as I type, to not be …. too rude.
Perhaps you'll consider that a gift.
I don't wish to cause a poet-to-poet rift.

Maybe I should just not now try
to write a pleasant poem for the BJ guy,
and the rest of you who are eager to hear
what I've got to say once I get in gear.

Have you ever said ‘don't speak if it ain't nice',
[or something like that when your mood was ice]?
But I've started and now this Bri can't quit.
I hope this poem don't sound like a pile of s++t.

‘cause that's what my mood was when I arose,
after opening my eyes and wiggling my toes,
to see if, again, I could face yet another day
of chores and trying to do as my wife does say.

I'll try real hard now to get in the swing
of just typing and seeing what time will bring.
Ah, yes. Small gifts and happiness can be nice.
I too have given small gifts, I think once or twice
in my lifetime to someone I thought was in need,
and some happiness I think they brought indeed.

A dollar or two here, a granola bar or banana there.
A smile and perhaps a few pleasant words I've said.
I'm a sucker for beggars, at which most just stare;
I may not shake their hands, but them I do not dread.

Now, before I return to my day which is somewhat dreary,
I'll mention a small gift I received which made me cheery.

One evening while sorting mail or something such,
a male coworker gave me a gift which, my heart, did touch.
It was only a paper cup of fresh water to me he offered,
but besides water, it was kindness to me he proffered.

It was a small gift, most small indeed,
and, like many gifts, it I did not need.
Perhaps, having been a prisoner of war,
he'd been the receiver of such a gift before?
And perhaps he felt sorry for me as I sat....
sorting mail to this address or to that.

(November 10, 2014)

by Bri Edwards

Comments (3)

What a good piece of poetry. I like it. Especially when you say that you are trying to do as your wife says. I favor it. Your poems sound well. Your gifts are help to others in need. Be friend or fiend. My gifts are a smile and some pleasant words I try to tell you. You have been and still are a good post man and a poet.
“Small Gifts: Contributing To Other's Happiness! ” is a pragmatic write! I would love to quote the first stanza: You've caught me in a bitchy mood/ I'll try, as I type, to not be …. too rude/Perhaps you'll consider that a gift/I don't wish to cause a poet-to-poet rift”. Loved reading this poem!
Don't care too much what the computer says But your touching poem did make my day A glass of water given to one in need Will long be remembered as a good deed Thanks Bri.