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Small Poems # 20


Gentle cushion blooming dawn.
Caress the solitude of life.
Bring to all the forgiven.
Splendid earth, molded of clay.


Gentle to the golden ear.
Raptured with natures nectar.
Blooming in the wilderness.
Dawns silence in quiet time.


Many colors fill the lawn.
Over by a gate forlorn.
Sidewalk wonder on display.
Look to the virgin sky.

copyright 1993 POEWHIT
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Comments (2)

Thanks for sharing your wonderfulwork, , , , this one reminds me of one of the very first poems I wrote back in 1981 called 'Moment In The Morn' which at the time I didn't realize was actually pretty good writing, but it did inspire me to realize that God had given me a gift I needed to work on.............
Another grouping of small masterpieces! Good Job! God Bless, Linda