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Small Sad World
TBR (Unknown / Unknown)

Small Sad World

In a world where anything is possible,
Why are we forsaken to despair,

Hope is there to,
love and life,
yet we focus on the strife,

In our world,
a best friend is the one
whos helped you through so much,
Your with the one you love,
because theyve had it hard,
theyve had it just as tough,

Sadness makes the world go round,
its in our every step,
every breath we take,
we think it may be our last,
these thoughts dragging us
to the end of our days,

Were suppose to have balance,
have a bittersweet way to live,
maybe one day itll happen,
but for now,
screaming hearts,

sadness is our fate...

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Comments (2)

The poem needs some reconsideration. It is free verse, so it won't be hard for you. What appears wrong, is the mixing of personal negativeness with death, guilt, envy, and then with hope and love. Suggestion: Examine one or two concepts per poem, and not a bunch of them, without actually offering a proper analysis to any.
The sense of sadness is felt in this read. You have expressed the feelings that many of us experience in our lives. It was nicely written and thanks for sharing this with us. Scott