Earthsome Touches And Distant Moons.

Pardon my Earthsome tone of butter milk down your thighs, racing like droplets running out to meet your sea.
I awaken you in every kiss, mountain upon mountain,
Stream against stream.
My gentleness then claims a haunting in you,
a gathering distant fool,
you lost yourself in the opening of hearts, where daughters forgot their names,
in your place.
You wished out to the siren moon like dense oceans and parted venues
where my love was easy to wash away in the roaring rain, watchful and enveloped....
and constantly delayed.

by Chasity Dorsey

Comments (3)

I often think of these small towns. Looking at pictures and imagining how life is can be very nostalgic, not having to smell the armpits or see the litter in the gutter or come face to face with hypocrisy. Being a foreigner I can dream of how life is in Scotland and elsewhere and enjoy my musings. But I often remind myself. We are all human and even though we may live in different places and speak different languages, we have the same feelings, the same concerns, etc.
Nice poem of your Dad's David, but surely it's not just scottish towns. Hypocrisy lives everywhere. Colin J...
A highly political piece, Umm Robert Wylie, Duncan Wyllie, I wonder...