VW (17-04-1969 / India)

Small Things

You get up in the morning
Still sit in the bed with a mood, grieving
Not had enough sleep, still yawning
Reasons are many …

At the same time, you never notice
The maid who had already entered
Your kitchen to blink
What you had left in the sink.
You don’t have patience to see
Her swollen eyes… cracked feet.
Oh! You are asking me -
‘Where is maid, in this house’?

I hope you can still see her, if you want to
In the bungalow, next to
Maid, would have finished the sweep
And now, putting the ‘Rangoli’
Decorating with devotion, her holder’s porch.
Oh! How can you see her?
When there is a ‘Mercedes Benz’
Standing behind her!
Now you sit and curse your fate
Without the slightest knowledge
The bungalow owner too
Sitting in the same pose in his bedroom
Thinking about the “Robinson R22”
His partner had taken off.

(Now please don’t ask me –
‘What the partner would be doing at the same time’)

My dear worrywart, this is the plight of
We strange human beings
Who always aspire for big things
And get into great disasters.
And ignore the small things
And loose those tiny pleasures.

(If you could show a little sympathy towards the maid,
Gratitude in her eyes would have brightened your day.
Now you still grumble… These days maids are xxxxxxx…)

Now please get up from that bed and boredom

Bring in the milk packet from the door,
Grateful to the vendor for his chore.
Hear the bell of cycle bringing newspaper
Today also you can read in time, an opener.
Smell the mud just got watered
Thanks to water supply that’s is metered.
The flower just bloomed in the pot
You do have aesthetic sense, that’s a fate.
Color of rising sun and ‘hide and seek’ of moon
Watch the sky, it’s a boon
Put on your coat, (of woolen ware)
Go for a morning walk, your health takes you there.
Get ready, you duty calls
You have a pocket that rolls.
Share a gossip and a joke
You have people to talk.
Go to grocery shop
You can buy and get gift vouchers and hop
Tired, you are back home
Food to eat, roof to shelter, that’s your ‘Rome’.

My dear one (and all) , now please let me know
Whether your attention is drawn to these small things?
If you get consoled and convinced
I can have the might and temperament
To talk about ‘Small Things’ to those on the pavement.


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Comments (4)

a big write on small things...well written piece Vidi...no arguement over it...10
Nothing is really small. Earth is diminished by the death of a flower or the death of a great human being who has given his or her life in hearfelt service to another. Lovely write. Warm regards, Sandra
Small IS beautiful....and they come unexpectedly in BIG packets. Such as you and the poem... Cheers. Subroto
Vidi, your poem on 'Small Things' - raised many questions in my mind.All our philosophers, writers, poets & religious teachers have pointed out that happiness lies in those small things & small moments of life, which we take for granted! We always celebrate the big things of life - that comes once in a way! Truly for a person on the pavement, - who is worried about his next meal, - he is unable to think about big things! Thanks for your poem! With best wishes, - Raj Nandy