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EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)


Poem By Eman Awad

Walk around,
Can you see how small we are?
Because i've found,
That we look small from far..
I know that you knew what i know,
but isn't it funny?
We live our lives, we come and go,
life is good and the day is sunny.
But look from far, look from above,
people are smaller, the further you get.
You can hide the people you hate,
you can erase mistakes and never to regret.
I look down and put my fingure on them,
it's like they were never here from the first place.
And the one who broke your heart, hide him,
you can even cover his face.
This is where you've been hurt,
use your fingure and it's gone.
No one or any thing can break me,
Let it be heard..
It's a simple way to carry on.
First they are small, then they aren't here.
it's a run way from reality,
And surely it won't erase your fear.
But it's a good start to wipe that tear.
Nothing worth a heart break,
just start to heal your soul.
No more pain you shall take,
just start by making them small.
Life is only moments it's the time to carry on,
look from above, say nothing will break me,
Return back to be strong.
I looked once from above,
i saw it all.
Now i'm fine because i hid them,
and they were very small ....

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