Smart. But Not Wise

The people who have found an interest,
In the pursuit of that which is loved AND liked...
Are thought to possess an intelligence kept.
And labelled to be smarter than the rest.
The rest who express no particular focus...
On anything they find of interest.

Disadvantaged they have managed to convince themselves.
And for years have manipulated,
The ears of those who listen at this process to get attention.
Clever in the doing in performing this task...
That leaves no one listening to wonder or ask,
Why are others they accuse of being so smart...
Seldom the ones heard making alibis or creating excuses,
Made as they protest against a detected success...
Time invested and sacrifice often delivers to the one who gets,
In return for that devotion of interest they have kept.

Smart. But not wise are those who manipulate,
To disguise their insecurities for a sympathy solicited...
From those unsuspecting they've been fooled, duped and trick!

Smart. But not wise,
Are those who try to disguise their hidden insecurities.
To then attempt to compare initiative and discipline given,
With an intelligence that is 'smart'...
Instead of an intelligence that applies sweat equity from the start.
Those who do this may be clever, manipulative...
And 'smart' in the doing.
But proving they have spent time experiencing life,
In the pursuit of obtaining wisdom?
No time given to allow this doing done for them has no interest.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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