RD (04/02/02 / CINN OH)

Smart Phone Blues

Smart Phone Blues 

I know a psych product
Called a smartphone 
I got it I got it.
I don't want it 
I'd like to give it away
And come with you,  
Do you hear what I say?  
Or do I have to text it?  
Leash me, reach me, teach me
I gotta ring for you
WTF? What will you do?  
You text me, you hex me, you vex me
Baby, you won't bed me
I won't dial but you'll know
When I'm coming for you.
I am going vibrate, serrate, mutate baby 
I am gonna disconnect 
Don't need no radio wave
Don't need minutes, sim cards
Don't need gizmos, gadgets or giga bytes,  
I know what to do and baby, it's you 
You call me, you text me, you reach out 
 But you never let me touch you.
Radiate, palpitate, vibrate
Anything you want, but don't hesitate
To put that android down 
I can't stand that sound whenever
You're lost and I'm found 
I can't deal with data 
Roaming or the rest
I can't do much unless
I can touch you, but 
You recoil, disloyal, no Apple
Of my eye, synch, blink, baby
I need to reach out
I need to touch you
Not from far away
Not another day
Put the smart phone away
Come on baby be with me 
Be free, can't you see
Selfies won't cut it 
Emoticons are lame 
Get your face out if that screen
Look at your lover, man
I am the real thing 

by Rene Diedrich

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