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Poem By Matt Palmer

Slink along
You loathsome fellow
Sing your song
Of cruelties mellow
Make a dish
Of your desire
Take your fish
Cast to the fire
Break away
From what you know
End of days
Under the snow
Sing your song
Of cruelties mellow
Wallow long
Grow old and yellow
Embrace the cold
Caress the metal
Grow more bold
And death you'll peddle
Alone again
Meet a stranger stark
He'll cause a din
Riddle in the dark
Cheat yourself
And cheat him too
You'll oust the elf
And make kings new
Now it's gone
But you're still hooked
You'll carry on
The thief has booked
You find your need
Held by a friend
He'll fall to greed
Before the end
Fear the halfling large
He'll put you down
He'll take the charge
He'll win the crown
So off three go
To the darkest lands
The goings slow
Greedy eyes watch greedy hands
The end is reached
But things go sour
Two wills are breached
In the final hour
So struggle hard
Fight for your own
Play your card
Tear at the bone
The prize is won
You've earned your right
But now you're done
Take your final flight...

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