Smelling Salts

Why do the people with the least intelligence,
Get the most attention?
This is a trick question,
Isn't it?
Are you filming a 'Reality Show'?
Where are the cameras?

'There are not cameras,
I am serious.
Why do you think,
Those of intelligence are the least admired?
And they may be highly qualified too.
But they seem the last to be hired.'

Let's agree on this.
Look around you.
How much of what 'you' observe,
Is a result of displaying collective competence?

'Can you be more specific? '

I'll try.
But I don't want to blow my cover.
Being considered a fool has gotten me by.
I will offer this as an hypothesis.

'Sure, go ahead.'

If you were in business,
Of selling a commodity or a message.
And you were doing that,
For the purposes of earning money?
Would you just choose to sell to those of intelligence?
Would you care less who had the money?
As long as your needs were met and addressed?

'But that would not lead to a fair assessment.'

A 'fair' what?
Take this. It's free.
And on me.
If for any reason you decide you would like to franchise?
I'll have to charge you a franchise fee.

'What is this? '

Smelling salts!
And trust me...
You have just proven there is a fortune to be made,
In the selling of it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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As George Dubya said ' Don't you misunderestimate the American People'. Good write.