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Looks, looks and looks,
No matter how much but matter,
Like how much you like black and white books,
But pictures are able to flatter!

Climb the Everest or row in an ocean!
Do farming or work in a technology notion,
You strive for success and satisfaction,
Brought by expansion and contraction!

On any turn of life cycle,
As destiny steers these precious moments,
The soul desire is of a miracle,
To bring 'smile' in all contents!

Smile brings peace and joy,
Smile vanishes the pain of hurdles that annoy,
Smile justifies the toil and style,
Smile ratifies the turmoil!

Smile attracts attention,
Be it a little one or major,
For meditators, it is in devotion,
For strangers, it provokes identity-puncture!

Smile is the best thing ever!
The one liked by every class!
To make believe or really cause
A plastic or real magic on the health and mood of the mass!

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