EH (dec 29/60 / Perth NB)


The things i do, and the things i've done...

How could i've of known, i'd be here.

Speeding down, speeding around... lifes bends.

Meeting myself on every sharp turn, one than another.

Something tells me its just begun.

I raise every morning and lay my head down every night.

Memories racing through my mind, wondering when...

When will i start living again.will there always be bends.

How do i change the end, when i can't find the start.

Always seems to be turns to change my direction.

Detours and obstackles set my path, i need a map.

And you can really tell..really realy tell.where i've been

By the very smile on my face, with the wind on my back.

I'm moving now, moving fast, i know the direction i'm heading in.

Going all the way.all the way to the top of every hill.

Gonna take every turn, with all the speed i have.

Not scared anymore, of what lies ahead.bring on the bumps.
Scream to the top of my lungs..i know the way now.

The way is not knowing the end...its living today.

And life is an adventure, wrong roads and missed turns.

All the turns and bumps behind me, pave the road ahead.

I'm heading for that highest mountain, and i'm going to make it.

Where the sky meets the horizon, is where i want to be.

by Elizabeth Hathaway

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