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And then… smiled
I thought it was nothing,
I kept looking, it would be a mild …
Innocent encounter, no bother
A flow touching softly, a sun rising quietly….
It had a color, it had a glory
It had a song, it had a story…

Growing in the shy neighbor of the garden
Shyness protects, but never hardens
Unresolved contemplations in the depth
Surface smooth, may be thorny at a depth
There should be a key
Relaxed in the sea,
There should be a way
Unavoidable pathway..
A sentence to say…

It’s a word and only a word
That could bring the best and change the world
I wonder what, I wonder when
We hear to listen, we say to pray

Something flowing, never to be stopped
Beauty flying, not to be dropped...

you shall dance, you shall sing
Forget about the thing
It was a smile
Tomorrow another mile
Details we can write
Will bring all to light

Flow is never to be mistaken
Happiness, a choice
Never given but always taken
Weird state of mind, something new of its kind
Always wanted, rarely granted
Absolute is there, don’t be afraid, ask and dare
You have the right, you are the light…

...It was a cute smile,
The key to a thousand mile …

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Comments (5)

Some excellent lines. And it leaves an indelible impression after reading the whole, you leave a feeling without pushing. I like that. Excellent disconnected connected images. Keep writing.
This poem is just so pretty! Excellent work! ; -)
great poem, a lttle long, but good................
All smiles have a song and a story dont they? Nice poem. Thanks for sharing.
I think A Smile is real good. Keep up the good work! : 0) >