Smile And Hold My Hand

With faltering steps I reached out my hand
To touch everything underneath the sun.
I fell with a bump and I heard laughter behind
But someone gave me a smile and hold my hand.

Then the world around me became wider
When I started to venture to unknown charters:
And if expectations were far behind
Someone special would smile and hold my hand.

Colors of different feelings became so intense
My heart kept fluttering with excitement
When reality came that out there was someone
Who was ready to smile and hold my hand.

Life became a constant struggle to survive
Taking care of God's gifts' precious lives:
If crisis came our way, we just tried our best
And he would smile and hold my hand.

Now that I am in the sunset of my life
With faltering steps and weaken heart:
If you see me, please smile and hold my hand
For someday you will be where I am.

by Lolita Misa

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beautiful! ! a beautiful piece of work you have here :) Keep it up :) :) : D: D: D: