MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! Smile Enlargement! Free ****ing Offer!

Are you ashamed of your tiny smile?
Does it make you embarrassed?
Does it limit your social life?
Wouldn’t you like to draw all the chicks,
have them eying you between the cheeks
in trains, wink at you in the street,
make a beeline for you at parties,
increase your confidence in the office,
be known as a ‘big fat swinging smile’?

Wouldn't your partner – though she doesn’t
mention it, kinda unsore point –
love it if you had a bigger smile? So she'd
feel thoroughly satisfied every night,
sleep better after, wake wanting more,
boast about you to the chicks in the office,
describe your smile to the other girls
on those girly nights, before the stripper,
- when she’d just smile and remember
your own whopper of a smile…

We can promise you a smile
that increases day by day, and
painlessly; that will never shrink back
and should see you right through
to that what-a-way-to-go moment
that you’ll remember all your death…

It’s called, Humour. You can get it
in the slower prose application, or
instantly effective, in verse. Act now!
before you lose her to Leroy Jones
down the road, whose big swinging smile
is the talk of all the chicks…

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Titter. Tits- hers. Whatever. I like. t x
I get it wholesale from Reynolds Unlimited...just repackage it..
Are you a salesman for the Little (Don't be so) Blue pill? Danny
Instant Grinagra..... Excellent!