Our Mother's Faith

Mother lived her joy of life.
"The Book" to us she read.
Caringly she gave to us
Breath and daily bread.

When we were young
She held us close.
She spoke to us of Jesus' life.
His blood He shed for us.

Her gnarled, withered, aging hands
Wiped away our tears.
His compassionate, gentle loving hands
Cherished and protected her.

As death drew near
With Christ she spoke.
Then caringly He lifted her
Cradled in His arms.

In thankful, reverent memory
We recall her radiant face.
Her life inspires you and me.
Jesus to embrace.

by Warren A. Gasink

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Comments (3)

When you write, My heart belongs to you! You bolwed me over With each passing couplet What words, what thoughts Such superb blend of two hearts Keep smiling when she smiles for you! Angel
I really like the way you've put this and I agree with you.
thats soooooooo true! ! !